The Moulin de Grandry's Oasis * was born the 16th of May, 2017!

And we discover this multi-faceted place with the seasons!

A thousand and one adventures are to be shared and we're happy to welcome any voluntary soul; volunteer and/or future residents to take part in the project!

We are two people for now, united by same values and the same objectives, in a spirit of sharing, solidarity and simplicity (Colibris Movement / Earth & Humanism).

The Moulin de Grandry is located in the Morvan Regional Nature Park

Composed of three buildings; The river's house, the Mill building, the Meunier's house, on 9 ha of land, 5 ha of woods, wild meadows, the river (the Veynon).

The former watermill is well positioned in the small Dun-sur-Grandry’s municipality and appears on maps from the seventeenth century, but is thought to be much older.

It's a "nature reserve" preserved for 15 years which hosts an extraordinary biodiversity!

This part of the Morvan does capture the imagination with regards to nature and tranquillity.

* Oasis: Term used for more than 20 years by Pierre Rhabi to designate places that meet his vision of a more caring, friendly, self-reliant lifestyle closer to the land and nature -



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