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The Moulin de Grandry is located in the Morvan Regional Nature Park.

It is omposed of three buildings; The river's house, the Mill building, the Meunier's house, on 9 ha of land, 5 ha of woods, wild meadows, the river (the Veynon).

The former watermill is well positioned in the small Dun-sur-Grandry’s municipality and appears on maps from the seventeenth century, but is thought to be much older.

It's a ‘nature reserve’ preserved for 15 years which hosts an extraordinary biodiversity!

This part of the Morvan does capture the imagination with regards to nature and tranquillity.

This mill was bought in 2017 by two partners, but only one has invested in the execution of the Oasis* project.

Today the intention is to create a ‘heart circle’ with people in resonance with the project’s ‘raison d’être’ and commitments.

* Oasis: Term used for more than 20 years by Pierre Rhabi to designate places that meet his vision of a more caring, friendly, self-reliant lifestyle closer to the land and nature -

cf.  https://www.colibris-lemouvement.org/projets/projet-oasis

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